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Eliminating unauthorized vehicle usage

Identifying and recording driver activity provides the foundation for correcting and eliminating unwanted behavior and making your entire fleet operation efficient.

Reduce fuel cost

Lower fuel costs through idle reduction, effective routing, lower speeding and fuel consumption monitoring.

Better customer service

Dispatchers easily manage service vehicles and your employees serve the customers on-time and thus your customers have great satisfaction. Respond in real-time with closest vehicle to a location.

Improved driver performance

By managing drivers in real time it will improve route selection, reduce idle times, schedule more work, and make deliveries on time and increase driving efficiency.

Improve vehicle utilization

Vehicles can be operated with greater efficiency, resulting in both lower daily costs to operate and longer vehicle life. Under-utilized vehicles can be identified and repurposed.

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

You can decrease parts and maintenance costs by closely monitoring and eliminating driving misbehavior including unauthorized vehicle usage, over speeding and harsh breaking.

Reduce tire cost

PressurePro™ tire pressure monitoring system assists in lowering maintenance costs, reducing fuel use and saving tire tread.

Protect your asset and cargo

Monitor your cargo by receiving data from GPS device connected with temperature and door sensor on the vehicle and get peace of mind.

Improved driver safety

Drivers are able to get immediate assistance from the back office by using two-way messaging function of Garmin device and panic alarm. With assistance of tire pressure and over speeding warning, driver and passengers’ safety can be improved.

Greener Fleet

Reduce fuel usage, eliminate unnecessary engine idling and reduce emissions while saving money.